The Company

Marianne Marceau, Maxime Robin and Frédéric Brunet | Picture Credit: Stéphane Bourgeois

With their passion for images and music and their fascination with the power of beauty, Frédéric Brunet, Marianne Marceau, and Maxime Robin have sought, since the start of their respective careers, to create accessible, entertaining, and moving works that help us to understand the human condition. They believe that theatre functions like a magnifying glass hanging over the world and the individual; that it allows us to observe things in detail and reveals all that is most tender, most disconcerting, most significant. Seeing a performance is a time to contemplate, to understand, and to embrace the world in every one of its delicate and vertiginous aspects. Whether as performers, stage directors or audience members, they have always commended the deeply poetic and uncompromising artistry of Théâtre des Confettis’ works. It is with a great deal of humility that, since 2022, they have stepped into the shoes left by Judith and Hélène. They hope to continue to make Théâtre des Confettis a home for artistic exchanges, where intuition and pleasure play central roles, and where the focus is always on children and their audacity, honesty, and curiosity.



Musician, musicologist, and composer Frédéric Brunet has a degree in classical guitar, a bachelor’s degree in pop and jazz music, and a master’s in musicology from the Université François Rabelais in France. He has been an active performer, composer, and arranger on the Québec City music scene for over twenty years.


Actor and writer Marianne Marceau trained at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec and studied literature at Université Laval. She has performed in over 35 theatrical productions. She also served for seven years as Artistic Director of the Festival du Jamais Lu Québec. With Théâtre des Confettis, she created Celestial Mechanics by Claudie Gagnon and Lou in the Night by Maxime Robin. She also participated in the restaging of Sisters, the Warm Embrace by Véronique Côté.


Writer, stage director and actor Maxime Robin trained at the Mel Oppenheim Film School and at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec. Since beginning his artistic practice in 2011, he has divided his time between film, theatre, and storytelling. He is also the founder of La Vierge folle, which produces the annual Les Contes à passer storytelling event. With Théâtre des Confettis, he wrote and directed Lou in the Night.